The Second
HMS Manchester Association

Part 6 continued...

1991 continued...
Just out of shot is that nice Ian Sheridan in the stocks.  Bloody big queue to have a chuck at him!!
The PO's Mess Human Fruit Machine.  Names please L to R??
The observer, or pilot, proudly shows off his condom, piece of carrot and precious drinking water - oops sorry "gold fish", that he won from one of the many "stalls of dreams" on the flight deck.
Eyes down for a full house.  Who says that Tombola is just a game.  Try telling that to Andy Holbrow and Ian Sheridan as they go head to head for the big prize.  With the spectator on edge you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, a blunt one at that!
County Fair - 1991
Hear no evil, see no evil & speak no evil - CPO's Mess with Kev Viggers, Chris Baker and Wafoo ? - I think Chris is after a sub for his duty, so watch out Kev he's going to pop the question!!
Red Sea - 1991 Master Chefs, Andy Holbrow, Andy Green, Nick Athawes & Sel Patch.  Nick holds the patternised BBQ lighting equipment, i.e. 1 gallon of Avcat and a match!  Method for use - Pour liberally, strike match and stand back, about 100 yards back, actually!!  Also note the Webber BBQ set, the half 45 gallon drum model!
Gulf BBQ - Red Sea - 1991 During the gastronomic feast a full blown RAS(L) was occurring on the Port side.  The Master Chefs are - L to R - Sel Patch, Andy Holbrow (the well hung Cowboy) and Nick Athawes.  I bet that's a Wafoo at the front of the queue!!  That is not smoke it is the heady aroma of Michelin star cooking.
Vidal Baboons salon Vidal Baboon, aka the late Ernie Earnshaw at work in his salon doing magical things to Nick Athawes's already luxuriant mane
The other "Mighty M" USS Missouri on patrol in the Gulf 1991 - most of the time she was firing shells the size of minis over our heads!
Gulf Mine watch The loneliness of the Mine look out.  Taken in the Gulf February 1991.  Unknown hero ever alert complete with action duffle bag to his right.
CPO's big run ashore in Singapore in 1991 getting ripped off in a camera shop.  L to R - Taff Rees, Andy Green, Sel Patch, Jay Muir and Nick Athawes (looking better blurred!!)
Gunnery practice Nick Athawes walks away secure in the knowledge that there is one less oil barrel in the world to cause harm to the poor and innocent, after gunnery practice on the port after Oerlikon mounting.  Andy Green also proved to be a bit of a marksman.
Sods Opera - 1991
All Phots courtesy of Nick Athawes
Hull & Inside ME's (hats off) Bahrain - March 1991 - first port of call after GW1. Great bunch of guys
Hull & Inside ME's (hats on) Bahrain - March 1991 Still a great bunch of guys!
The entire ME department - March 1991
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