The Second
HMS Manchester Association

Part 6

Spike Thorne & Dave Arthur Ship anchored off for a bit of R&R at Pilau Tiomen, May 1991"And the winner of the hairy pectorals competition is the 'rugged' Dave Arthur!"
Phots courtesy of Dave Arthur
BBQ Gulf...Victory BBQ after beating HMS Gloucester in Rugby
BBQ Outbound...Dave Furnival (Saints) & Bungy Williams (Blades)
BBQ Homebound... Dave Furnival & Bas Bassingdale - looking gooood!
George ?, Dave Furnival & CWEM(O) Al Day, Hong Kong bar, Penang
Helo 360 March 1991...WAFUs playing Matelots
Jolly Roger - HMS Manchester flies the Jolly Roger (March 1991) - Designed & Made by LWEM (R) Dave Furnival
Mighty Manch crew 1991 - say no more!
Red Nose Day 1991
Now I know what bollards are for!! Dave Furnival
Phots kindly donated by Dave Furnival
L to R - Spike Thorne, Dave "Shadwell" Hopkins, Charlie Hensman, Tansy Lee, Bill Morgan, "Slap" Hiscock and Shep Colley
Alongside in Bahrain March 1991- On the flight deck with Paul "Richy" Richards holding Miss Lovelace whilst H "Hooter Head" is stood to the right
Steaming up the Thames in 1991, L/Sea Steve Jack - far right - and shipmates get ready to secure the Mighty Manch
Aerial jolly, late 1991.  Although I am not sure that the ship should be visible through that window!  Surely the ship should be below us and not in front of us?  CWEM(O) Happy Day in the front seat.  He will probably tell you that he was bomb aiming or flying it!!
Nick Athawes musters himself in the CPO's Mess after a particularly harrowing run ashore.  The eyes tell the tale! - 1991
Phots courtesy of Nick Athawes
A confused Nick Athawes!  This does not look like a Dieso, Fresh Water, Avcat or Trimming Tank to me!!
Archie Dickie in his very controversial BT Telecoms top, what bad taste!!  Chris Baker in his standard run ashore threads, just bad really!!
The fashion police swooped just after this picture was taken.  Many being sent down for a 10 stretch.  Habitual fashion offenders had their outfits confiscated and given to the Chinese laundryman where they had all the buttons broken off and the seams rotted away (nothing new there then!!)
Nick Athawes, in Mini Coopers best run ashore outfit and Andy Green in God knows what!
Bad Taste Night - Tioman 1991 - Location of the filming for South Pacific
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