The Second
HMS Manchester Association

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(Phot courtesy of Doss Living)

16th December 1982
24th February 2011


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In January 2019, this site was visited 24,923 times.

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The Second HMS Manchester Association extends a very warm welcome to the following new joiners to the Association.

Joined 30th October 2018 (331)
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Re-union 18

Re-union 18 will take place in the WO, SR & SNCOs Mess, HMS Nelson on the weekend of the
7th, 8th & 9th June, 2019

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Facebook Group - HMS Manchester D95

We are pleased to announce that Steve Moffatt has set up a Facebook site for former members of the ship's company to enjoy.

The links to his facebook and email address are as follows -

Web link:


[email protected]
Whilst 2MA actively supports Steve in this venture it must be noted that the 2nd HMS Manchester Association is not responsible for it's content and any queries regarding the Facebook site should be forwarded to Steve direct.

Re-union 18

The Calling Notice for Re-union 18 will be out by the end of March!

Are your contact details correct?!