The Second
HMS Manchester Association

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16th December 1982
24th February 2011


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In February 2018, this site was visited 15,581 times.

Total visits for 2018 -  27,386
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The Second HMS Manchester Association extends a very warm welcome to the following new joiners to the Association.

Craig "Jack" DAWES
Joined 15th May 2017 (324)
Richard "Spider" WEBB
Joined 27th May 2017 (325)
Joined 17th July 2017 (326)
Joined 24th August 2017 (327)
Shaun TURL
Joined 7th September 2017 (328)

Re-union 17

Will take place over the weekend of the 8th, 9th & 10th June 2018, in the WO, SR & SNCO's Mess, HMS Nelson

Note in your longcast NOW!
Pete Burnett in great 2017 London Marathon Sensation!  He's taking part!
Informed sources have recently revealed that popular(!) 2MA Member, Pete Burnett is once again going to run the London Marathon.

He is running on behalf of two very worthwhile charities - SSAFA, the armed forces charity and Road Peace a charity that supports families who experience the loss of a loved one in an RTA.  (Pete and his family have, sadly, had this experience).

Now then, here is the tricky part, Pete needs some support and he is hoping his many oppos in 2MA will lend a helping hand.  Rumour has it that Pete will actually buy a beer - that will be a novel experience for him - for every 2MA member who makes a donation! (If that is not an incentive, what is?!!) - So, let's see the b@stard off big style!

Pete's Just Giving Page is and don't forget the Gift Aid cos that makes your donation worth even more.

2MA has already started the ball rolling....can you help?

2MA Member in Great 2018 New Years Honours Sensation!

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result and
winners of the Mystery Personality Competition