The Second
HMS Manchester Association
Virtual Re-union Nineteen
13th June 2020
Part 2
The Leicester Legion

Helen and Dave Arthur, Jan and Dave Merrick and Buzz and Amanda Bee at Buzz's Filbert Fortress!
The lads toast the Mighty Manch in front of the original painting of D95 by Ross Watton
Chris "Happy" Day

Chris in his 'Man Cave'.  The audition for the next Harry Potter is imminent!  Good luck Shipmate!
Hiding among the reeds and grasses, Dan Daly and Keith Woolven
(Well you'd want to hide if you had sea-horses in your garden!)

Dave Heasman

Globe trotting footy fan lets the cockerel out of the bag by admitting he's a Spurs Supporter! - any excuse for empty optics?!
Darren "Daz" Major

Daz carefully studies his pint pot - Now is it half full or half empty?  That is the question!
Don Hazeldon

It's 5am Sunday 14th June and former Cheesy Hammy Egg Bosun Don slumps at the entrance to his Man Cave, but still has the energy to raise another glass to D95.  Nice to see the optics are full, Shipmate!
Matthew "Foggy" Fairweather

Resplendent Foggy joins in with a toast to D95 and all who sailed her!
Alistair "Gilly" Gilchrist

Gilly's Man Cave!  Where's Gilly?  Indisposed behind the bar!
Jack Dawes

Cunningly concealing a bottle of his local brew Super Bock!  Perks for living in Portugal I suppose!
Jack Guntrip
Karl "Jan" Leeming

The Real Jan Leeming!
"Jiff" Lemmon
The recently retired James "Jock" McOuat - Life is one big party!
John Bullock

The last Engineer!  John with wife, Sharon
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