The Second
HMS Manchester Association
The End of an Era - Part 1
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As the ship moved into the last month of her operational life, a number of events were arranged to celebrate the occasion.  The 2nd HMS Manchester Association was obviously delighted to receive a number of formal and private invitations to attend, and here are a few phots taken along the way.
1st - 3rd February 2011 - Portsmouth to Liverpool
John Dixon & Neil Anderson
John & Tony Shingler
Sam Wellens, John & Tony
Andy "Ginge" Crook - ready for action!
Tony - enjoying the cruise
Worsening weather!
Tony & Sam in some machinery space!
Arriving in Liverpool
What's this?!  Shingler's List!
The Chief Stoker prepares to put the mask on Maskell!
The Bunhouse Losing Uckers Team!
(They were better at Connect 2!)
John Dixon in his latest role as a wine steward!
The Chief Stoker politely declines another Global 86 dit!
John Dixon chatting to an enthralled audience!