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Roy  "Andy" ANDERSON
85 - 87

Roy "Andy" Anderson joined Pusser UK Ltd as a 16 year old sproglet in 1977, and after a brief spell at Dryad to learn of the intricacies of Robert Watson-Watt's UK saving invention - and some nautical skills - he was off for a life on the ocean waves breaking around Arethusa, Intrepid, Newcastle, Southampton, Gloucester...and of course the Mighty Manch - 1985 - 1987 (Sorry, shipmates, he's another Globalist!). 

Aficionados of this website will be aware that all new joiners to the 2nd HMS Manchester Association benefit (!) from a "Personality paragraph" on the Latest News page of this site by way of introduction to our motley crew.  This is obviously detrimental to the wellbeing of our "old hands" and in the months ahead we will be redressing the balance and be highlighting the personal attributes of all our members.  So if the space below your name is blank, standby for a phone call, and remember...we never let the truth come between us and a good story!!
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Dave and the "Duchess of Hamilton"
"Andy" with wife Sonya
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Andy's best ship's were D95 and the "'appy Are", and for his best runs ashore...and this may come as a complete shock to some, Sydney on Global 86 and the extra time alongside because of a duff engine.  Whilst Arethusa's visit to Singers also gains an honourable mention.  Unfortunately precise details were not forthcoming (what? - a Global 86er without a good dit to spin?  Shock, horror!).

Outside since 1991, Andy is another of our number who has turned towards crime and he works in local Government as a Crime and Anti Social Behaviour Performance officer, which we assume involves a trip to the Guildhall steps late on a Friday and Saturday night to see how things are shaping up!  In his spare time Andy follows the fortunes of West Ham United.

Stephen "George" ANNABLE
Joined 5th February 2008
84 - 86

Stephen "George" Annable spent six years with Pusser UK Limited in the early eighties during which time he served onboard Coventry 81-82 and the Mighty Manch, 84-86.  Somewhat pxssed off about missing out on Global 86 - Evidently his Tx was fast approaching and there were no zzzz's left in his pit - his best run ashore was Mombers on the 85 Gulf trip, where he became a tusker consumption specialist in the Sunshine Bar, that well known watering hole en-route to that hot spot of Mombasa night life, the New Florida Club!! - which of course none of you will ever have heard of, let alone visited!!  Our canny Toon Army hero also lays claim to a very expensive C126.  Whilst working on Coventry's STWS he inadvertently caused a long cylindrical piece of kit to emerge from it's housing and drop over the side, causing a big splash in more ways than one, and an instant audience with the Charge Chief, Joss, WEO and the Skipper to name but a few!!  Not wanting to retain George in the Pusser until he was 87, he didn't have to pay the full price of the item!!  Now long retired from the launch mode, George lives with his wife Julie in the land of the druids not far from Llanfair.............gogogoch!  He heard about the Association from Andy Rafferty. 


Dave Arthur joined Pusser UK as a hairy axsed stoker in 1988, and no sooner had he learned which end of a wheel spanner to hold, he was off to sea on the rootintootinshootin' Mighty Manch.  A real steam enthusiast, Dave liked nothing more than lying on his rack surrounded by pin ups of large steam locomotives whilst listening to tapes of engines chuffing and puffing along the great rail routes of the UK.  Indeed, it is rumoured that he used to go absolutely orgasmic at just the thought of the "Duchess of Hamilton" which was in complete contrast to his messmates who much preferred to study the buffer zones of Linda Lusardi!!  Among Dave's D95 adventures was the time he bimbled up to the bridge to volunteer to be the blind pilot whilst leaving Portland, paying the first instalment on his bunk light bill , whilst rising to further infamy by showering a member of the fleet's elite with the entire contents of the forward event he would like to would the unfortunate recipient!

Dave considers Manchester as his best ship - the only competition was the Geordie gunboat - and Singers gets his vote for best run ashore - (evidently they've got a large railway station!)  Dave also has very fond memories of Newcastle on Tyne too, on account he got to play the part of a railway sleeper...and got well laid!

Outside since 96, Dave is another of our number who has turned to a life of crime, and he now plods the streets of Leicester.  He is proud to be a founder member of the 2nd HMS Manchester Association, and is very grateful that we only mentioned a small proportion of his nautical escapades!

89 - 92
Nick was the Chief Shipwright onboard from 89-92 and joins former Chief Chippies, Sam Wellens and Steve "Wobbly" Wagg in the ranks of the Association.  Now residing in Sanderstead, Surrey, Nick was a member of the Mighty Manch rugby team that toured the Gulf unbeaten - any excuse to get into the ships drinking team!!!  Nick found out about the Association from Chris Baker and Andy Green.
Joined 05 April 2016 (318)

Peter "Bill" BAILEY


Joined 24th January 2012 (259)

Wayne "Boff" BANCROFT

(formerly David Twitchett)
Joined 30th October 2021 (363)


Robert "Ronnie" BARKER
Joined 6th May 2016 (320)

Joined 14th March 2012 (261)