The Second
HMS Manchester Association
Virtual Re-union Nineteen
13th June 2020
Part 1
With there being absolutely no chance of holding Re-union 19 on its scheduled date of Saturday 13th June, we invited all our members to raise a glass to Warship Wonderful at some time during the day, wherever they were, and the following is a selection of the photties we duly received.  All comments by an anonymous correspondent!
Nick Athawes

First photty received...Nick Athawes relaxes on the patio - Nice big garden?  Possible Re-union venue?
Nobby Clark

What's with the Ark Royal T-shirt Shipmate?  Make sure you buy plenty of raffle tickets next year - you might win a prize!
Mark "Robbie" Robinson

Twas a misty day north of the border, and after sinking the best part of a bottle of Woods, Robbie crashed out behind the wall!
Phil Southcott

Smart and debonair, apart from the gopping Global T-shirt.  Phil with D95 at an unknown location
Slinger Woods

...also raises a glass to the world famous sticky carpet in the Royal Naval School of Dancing, where he was a life member!
Paul "Red" Snape

With wife Alison and son, Connor.  (Connor tried hard to sell his
parents raffle tickets for this fine family photo)...we didn't realise they were all that tall!
Steve Fletcher

Catering King of the County! 
Is that a West Ham badge in your man cave? - Oh dear!
Stevie Swaine

After a 12 hour shift in his rack!
Wally Walton

Wally - who prefers his bubbly straight from the bottle!
Tony "Tanky" Shingler

Smart shirt, Shipmate!
Wendy & Taff Coombs

Proof that the sun does shine, occasionally, in Welsh Wales!
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Andy "Griff" Griffin

....and an excellent code cracking
T-shirt from Bletchley Park!
Andy McMain

Culinary Controller Andy in yet another superb Manchester T-Shirt!
Andy "Raffs" Rafferty

Why so glum chum?!
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