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The Mighty Manch berthed in Barcelona in March 2008 en route home from the Gulf
Phot courtesy of Alan Buchanan who was on holiday in Barcelona at the time!
The Mighty Manch in the Clyde Estuary - October 2008
Global Vet meets global vet!

The star of one world cruise meets the star of many!!  The Mighty Manch and the QEII side by side in the Clyde

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Global Role for Mighty Manch!
By our Defence Correspondent

Such is the worldwide reputation of the "Mighty Manch", that other navies are entrusting the old warhorse to provide protection for their own warships as they sail the oceans.

Our phots show one such, unnamed navy, steaming safely under the protection of HM's finest!.  Well done, boys!

Some Photographs Courtesy of RN Picture Desk at FRPU(E)
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The Second
HMS Manchester Association
Film clip of the "Mighty Manch" escorting the QE2 on the Clyde - Thanks to Rob Lightbody for giving us permission to put this clip onto our website.
High Seas Firings - October 2008
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