The Second
HMS Manchester Association
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The Buzz - (Part 2) continued....

Following on from our less than very successful Re-union 21 at the Royal Beach Hotel and following a suggestion from Tracie Sharp, partner of Barry Cuthbert, we subsequently met the friendly and attentive Function Manager, at the Holiday Inn situated in Pembroke Road, Portsmouth.  Having viewed the facilities and costs etc., we decided on the Normandy Suite for our next re union.  Post re-union comments suggests it was a wise decision!

Holiday Inn Hotel Entrance
In response to the Calling Notice, we received 159 MRU's and very mindful that some of our people were unable to attend due to health issues, we did receive some responses that we considered were worthy of a wider audience.  For instance: -

Andy Rhodes - Away Camping - could have killed two birds with one stone and camped on Southsea Common!

Eppy Epton - Catering Consultant, attending his best friends son's wedding - it was his daughter's wedding last year that caused his non-attendance - More Beans on Toast, anyone?

Terry Beddoes - Another Culinary Controller on a gastronomic tour of Janner Land to see his Son, who is currently Sous Chef with Rick Stein!!  (Fish & Chips it is then!) Both should have come to the Re-union and supped ale with our own Chef de Partie - Don Hazeldon!

Slinger Woods - On holiday in Malta.

Ian Dodd - Duty weekend on a Tug in the Dockyard, and son Marc was away on RFA Tideforce. (and Rosie?)  Did he not think of parking his tug at Clarence Pier?  Two minutes from the Holiday Inn?  Could have given The Gosport Boat People a lift home on completion!

Wayne Crowther - His skills as a Carpenter, Kitchen and Bathroom fitter were in high demand by his Son - Nothing to do with Leeds being relegated then?

Brett "Thomo" Thompson - Deployed on HMS Defender.

Pete Berrow - In the Midlands for his sister's 60th Birthday.

Steve MacMillan - CINC-Nag-Home decided she would rather spend 2 weeks on the beach in Fiji than return to the UK this year.  Something about the beach in Southsea?  (NZ to Fiji 1,500 miles minimum - NZ to UK 11,400 miles minimum!)

Ian Kiff - Away with the Grey Funnel cruises!  What cruise not mentioned.

Tom Jones - In the Isle of Man with Chester RNA for The 80th Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration and the TT motorbike races (Ah! - The Green, Green, grass of the Isle of Man! - Don't think that one made the charts!).

Barry Cuthbert - Away on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Neil Osborne - Away on a Stag weekend.

Chris "Happy" Day - He has joined a Naked Art Modelling company and was doing a sitting that weekend for the local WI art class!

Garry Lucas - Stuck in Australia.

Gary Sobol - In Australia visiting family. (Hope you found them, it is a big place!)

Alasdair "Gilly" Gilchrist - Having a long delayed (due to pre-Covid booking) Golf holiday in Majorca.

Dave Forshaw - Stuck in Singapore. (Life's tough!)

Keith Woolven - A family shindig - first time he has missed a Re-union.

Ian Poulter - Attending one of his oldest friend's retirement party.

Mick Mortimore - Singing in the Hampshire Police Male Voice choir for a families day!  Shades of the Singing Detective!  Possible duet with Tom Jones at Re-union 23?

Paul "Dusty" Miller - Away on holiday - destination not disclosed - and hopefully sat by a pool in the sun with a blonde with mahoosive mamories (but he wasn't going to hold his breath!!).

Martin Calton - Daughter had a bike racing event.