The Second
HMS Manchester Association

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The new year dawns, and before long we receive an e-maily from Bob Errickson from New Jersey, USA.  Evidently there had been a storm in Bob's neck of the woods and whilst he was clearing up his "yard" he came across a photty of a ship called Manchester.  He correctly identified it as a cruiser and was very keen that the picture be forwarded on to the cruiser boys association.  What a nice gesture!  Unfortunately, we were unable to comply because under much closer examination we discovered that the ship in question was wait for it…the USS Manchester!  A sleek Pearl Harbour based cruiser that saw active service in the Korean War…and before you ask, the answer is Yes! They too have an Association!  We passed all this info on to Bob, with our very best wishes to him and those who went to sea on the yank jobby.  There must be something special in a ship called MANCHESTER!